My Programs

Here I hope to have some scripts I've made for various projects. Hope is the key word. Since I made these scripts without the intention on distributing them, they are pretty messy. So, it will take some time to clean them up, and I'll probably start with simple ones.

XM Portal v0.01 (11-20-05) Perl
XMPortal is a perl CGI script that talks to the XMPCR backend program (SatRadioSocket) which is part of HmeSatRadio. It allows you to control XMPCR from an AJAX Webpage!

Wemail v0.01 (06-20-02) Perl
Wemail is a Web-based email program written in Perl. It checks pop and sends via sendmail or SMTP. It has all the basic features: custom folders, address book, attachments, html email, filters, sorting, search and more.

G-Counter v2.0 (05-02-01) Perl
G-Counter is a simple graphical counter. It can be included in a page via Server Side Includes or via IMG SRC tags. This allows for use by people without access to Server Side Includes. It also features File Locking, along with decimal, hexidecimal, octal, or binary displays. It supports mulitple counters with one script, multiple counters on a page, on-the-fly counter generation, and more.

Force to Frame v1.0 Perl/Javascript
This is a very basic script that uses a combination of Javascript and Perl. It uses the Javascript to detect if the page is in a frame. If not, it passes the page to the perl script. The perl script puts it into a frame.

Time: Swatch Internet Beats v1.6 (2-20-01) Perl
Netbeats has the ability to display graphically or in text. It just displays the current time in Swatch Internet Beats. It is made to be Server Side Included into an html page.