My Programs

Here are some of my programs written for Windows. Got to make some flashy windows programs every once and awhile to supplement my Perl coding. I mean, heh, I can't code in just perl all the time. Okay I could. But, there is this neat "look what I made" aspect of making a windows program that I like. No source code is here. You probably dont what to see it... its ugly.

Control your Yahoo Music Engine from your Tivo. It uses the Tivo (TM) SDK HME capability along with YmeSocket (a Yahoo Music Engine plugin which allows you to control it via socket commands) to allow you to control/view/play whatever is in My Music or ALL of Yahoo Unlimited

Yme Socket
This allows you to control your Yahoo Music Engine via socket connections. It uses the Yme DLL Plugin API to control the media engine.

Hme Satellite Radio
This uses the Tivo (TM) SDK HME capability to allow you to control/view/PLAY your Xm Satellite Radio (TM) XMPCR or XM Direct (with proper cable) from your Tivo. It also has the ability to control/view/play Xm Radio Online from your Tivo.

Casino - the card game
Its a card game I'm working on and I've made available a public beta. So far it features network play and versus computer play. I also has a centralized stat keeping system used to compete and find other players.

PCTValt.dll Snap Stream Plugin
This is a tuner plugin for Snapstream PVS to get Snapstream to automatically change channels on a Pinnacle Systems PCTV card.

James Mp3 Player
So, there is a ton of Mp3 players out there and I admit that this one is lacking in features.. BUT, it looks cool. Its the shape of a daisy.

This is Killermonkeys Video Interface. You can run this program with a webcam as you are voice chatting on and you picture will show up to at a wopping 1/30 frame per sec... aka.. a frame every 30 seconds.