My Programs

This uses the Tivo (TM) SDK HME capability to allow you to control/view/PLAY your Xm Satellite Radio (TM) XMPCR or XM Direct (with proper cable) from your Tivo. It also has the ability to control/view Xm Radio Online from your Tivo.

Use XM Portal with XMPCR to control your XM Radio via a webpage, even while the Tivo is using it also.

It will send the audio to your Tivo via a builtin MP3 encoder streamer! Plus, you can record what is playing to mp3. It automatically saves the recordings by the artist and song title.

NEW Now you can set up recording scedules to have the backend record you favorite show automatically daily/weekly.

Note: The Xm Radio Online support is only on the Windows version. However, because of the frontend/backend nature of the programs, you can still use a frontend from the Linux package with a backend from the Windows package. (or visa-versa)

Here is what is looks like on the Tivo!

New in Version 0.10b
Fixed stupid error in Online

New in Version 0.10
Added Recording option for XMRO version. It does block recording only. It does not split into tracks.
Added Recording Schedule Screen. Push Right Arrow on main screen and you will find the Recording Schedule Option now!
    This lets you schedule recording one-time, daily, weeking.
Decided to put both Windows and Linux packages back together.

New in Version 0.09
Using Hme SDK 1.4
For SatRadioSocket (XMPCR), the channels now get cached to a file. This will help with the longer started tims the dynamic channel detecting added.
    Delete conf/channel.cache to get it to re-retrieve the set of channels
Added support for the Record button! For SatRadioSocket (XMPCR) Press record on the Tivo remote and it will start recording the current channel, saving to MP3 and automtically naming the outpufiles by artist and song.
A Saved Recordings screen has been added to browse the list of songs you have recorded. Not very robust though.
Note: The Record feature is not available for XMRO.

New in Version 0.08
Added Built-in MP3 encoding and broadcasting. Running audio cables, setting up Shoucast with long buffer delays is a thing of the past.
My setup at home, I have streams to two Tivos simultaneously with only a 1 second latency.
Windows and Linux packages now. Linux one does not include SatRadioOnline.

New in Version 0.07
Channel listing is no longer hard-coded. Both SatRadioOnline and SatRadioSocket discover all the channels (Note: This takes about 30 seconds for SatRadioSocket)
Added new config file pcrConfig.txt for SatRadioSocket and moved the device speficier there.
Added config options for pcrConfig.txt and onlineConf.txt for muteByDefault and offByDefault. Set to true to have the music only come on when accessing it from the Tivo.
Added config to config.txt doOnExit. Set to mute to mute the Radio when the Tivo exists. Set to off to power off the Radio on Tvio exit.
Added ability to gracefully kill SatRadioSocket from the command line. In the window that SatRadioSocket is running type on, off, or quit then return to turn radio on or off or exit the program completely.

New in Version 0.06
Yes, channel listing is still hard coded in the SocketClass. That said. I have updated the channel listing with the Fall lineup.
Updating of channel listing now twice as fast.
Decreased the number of threads updating channel listing from 3 to 1 to simplify things.
Screen Saver! And a doosie of a screen saver it is. It comes on after 15minutes so that Tivo does not automatically kill the app.
Using new Bananas (1.3.0) and Hme (1.3.1) libraries
Press left will now let you end the app gracefully.
Now include with a note in the install file on where to put it.

New in Version 0.05
Added ability to specify the device to use on the commandline within runRadio.bat
It will use this device instead of looking for one.
Add -device to the java call in runRadio.bat
Changed how SatRadioSocket gets updates from the PCR unit to more of a register/notify way. Much faster
Greatly, Greatly, Greatly increased the Channel changing speed on SatRadioSocket. It is instant now. Woo hoo!
Can now specify RunOnStart in the config file to specify a program to execute on loading init of the Hme app.
Using new Bananas (1.2.1) and Hme (1.2.0) libraries

New in Version 0.04
New back end added as a Proof-of-concept for interfacing with XMRadio Online. Now all you need is to be is an XM subscriber to get XM on the Tivo.

New in Version 0.03
Channel Switching is now faster. It was given Priority access to PCR.
Added Favorites. Save currently playing song/artist to favorites and be alerted whenever it is playing again.

New in Version 0.02
Added a Sub Menu. Sub menu will be home for any configuration options or extended info
Added Channel Filter to Sub Menu
Couple visual tweaks to make it fit better on my old ass tv

Download - Version 0.10b (Zipped)