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Okay, I started over from scratch and rebuilt my hotlinks. These are actual sites I've been to and/or go to. There for it is just my experiences. I'm not going to just list a bunch of sites under the categories if I don't go to that site. So, I have a brief description of each site.
** denotes a site I really really like and use a lot.
* denotes a site I frequent and therefore recommend

Entertainment / Gaming / Linux / Movies / Mp3 Stuff / News / Postcards / Programming / Search / Shopping / Software Archives / Voice Chat / Voicemail & Other Telephone Stuff

Cool Tech

    Digiscents - This is sort of a wacky, yet intriguing, idea of adding the sense of smell to your computer.
    Powerline : Solar Products - Solar Products that run around $400 and can power laptops in the field.
    Xm Satellite Radio - They are one of two companies pioneering a new way to listen to radio. It is digital quality, commercial free radio beamed from a satellite straight to you. The service is nationwide, and will cost $9.95/month.
    Sirius Satellite Radio - Yeah, look at Xm Radio... its the same thing.


      Userfriendly ** - It is a daily technology oriented comic strip.
      Joe Cartoon ** This guy makes some crude animations and boy are they funny.
      Stick Death ** Really hilarious, creative and disturbing animations of stick figures dying.
      AfterY2k * It is after the cataclysm of Y2k. It is a time where its is cool to be geeky and the hottest women are.
      The Onion * I humorous satire online newspaper.
      Comics.com * - Read a whole crap load of popular comics.
      Wildbrain Some pretty creative and messup Cartoons on demand.
      Computer Stupidity Some extremely funny account of what new computer users have done.
      The Shubbery - It is much like the Onion. It is a humor/satire online zine.
      The Joke Index - This is a searchable database of Jokes.
      Laughnet - Tons of jokes, pranks, parodies, photos and more.
      Atomfilms ** - Go here for many ours of entertainment. This site is full of Short Films and animations. You can watch the Oscar nominated short films here. This site is great.
      MediaTrip ** - This is a streaming video site. It is best known for its short film called "Lucas in Love." It is much like Shakespeare in love but with George Lucas.
      Streambox * - This site searches the net for streams and puts them all here nice and neatly categorized.
      Jeff @ the house * - This is just some guy and his life. It is oddly addicting. It is updated daily.
      Whirlgirl - This is a flash based, internet only, quirky, super hero cartoon by Showtime.
      Yahoo Broadcasting - Formerly known as Audionet, is the place to go to listen to radio stations across the world.
      Premiere Radio Networks - I've gone here in the past for their comedy section. They have lots of song/commercial parodies.
    Online Games
      Bezerk ** - There are several great to play including an online version of You Don't Know Jack.
      Zone ** - Here you can play lots of store bought multiplayer games. However, I come here to play card games.. euchre or hearts
      Yahoo Games * - This site has tons of little games, board games, and card games to play with people online.
      Boxerjam * - All kinds of fun and unique multiplayer games. You can even win prizes.


    Voodooextreme ** - I go to this site daily. It has all the news from the pc gaming world and is updated multiple times daily.
    Blue's News * - This site is like Voodooextreme and usually runs the same news. It is a very nice site as well.
    Adreneline Vault * - This site does reviews/previews, but I use it mainly for their cheats. They've got cheats for every game out there.
    Gone Gold * - Very slick looking site. They do game reviews and quicklooks. They also let you know when games are scheduled to come out.
    Gamespot - This site is part of the C|Net Network/ZDNET.
    Ga Source - They review/preview games. I don't go here regularly.
    IgnPc - They review/preview games. I don't go here regularly.

    Xbox.com - This is the offical XBox site
    Team Xbox - This seems to be the best Xbox site out there.
    Fun Xbox - Another decent Xbox site.
    Xboxnet - Yet another Xbox site.
    Xbox Gateway - This provides software to play Xbox on the internet. :)


    Red Hat Linux * - This is the Linux distrib that I use. Therefore, their site is very helpful to me.
    Linux.com * - But of course... I actually is a pretty helpful site.
    Slashdot - These guys like Linux; there fore, they have linux news.
    Freshmeat - Your one stop shop for linux programs.


    Internet Movie Database ** - THE source for info about any movie ever... present or future. What more can you ask for?
    Hollywood Online * - Movie news, box office numbers, and lots of Trailers
    Ain't It Cool News - These guys spill the leaks of all kinds of Hollywood type info.
    Killermonkeys - Lots of movie reviews of all the latest movies... and yes, I created this site.
    Movie Review Query Engine - Need a movie review? Go here and you are guaranteed to find dozens on the movie you want.

Mp3 Stuff

    Mp3.com ** - Of course, MP3.com. They have tons of free to download music, music news, and My.Mp3.com that lets you play your cd collection anywhere.
    Live 365 ** - They will host your MP3 radio station. Just up[load the file to them or point your stream at their servers and wala. Its very easy to use.
    Myplay ** - Store up to 3gigs of mp3s on the web!
    Winamp * - Need a high quality Mp3 player? Here is the most popular.
    Sonique * - Need a high quality Mp3 playe that is pretty too and can do all kinds of neat stuff? Go here.
    James MP3 Player - Looking for a different looking MP3 player with limited functionality? Get my version!
    Zeropaid * - MP3 and Gnutella news. Pretty cool site actually.
    Gnutella Portal - A portal site for the cool fire sharing program Gnutella.
    Napster - The infamous Napster. Could an mp3 section be complete without a link to napster. Used to trade mp3/wma files and may not be around for much longer.
    Scour - They used to have a Napster-like trading system... but they got sued and died.
    Recording Industry Association of America - Why yes, the main anti-mp3 advocate.
    Mambox - A CD player that will play cds full of MP3s.. hmmm


    Slashdot ** - As there slogan goes..."News for nerds, Stuff that matters" I visit this site a couple dozen times a day. It lists interesting news stories and such.
    C|Net News.com ** - They are in the business of writting Technology new articles. Their site is updated mulitple times daily and they have a radio show.
    MSNBC ** - Is a total news network. This is were I get my general news. I prefer it over CNN.com because of the simple fat that MSNBC has drop-down menus and that is more convenient.
    Kuro5hin - Slashdot type news site. Not as pdated as Slashdot though.
    ZdNet * - They do tech news and actually have a TV channel. I usually pick News.com over ZDnet for my news though.
    CNN * - Very respectable news site
    The Geek - Slashdot wannabe
    Salon - No, not about hair... is actually a hip news site.
    Ain't It Cool News - These guys spill the leaks of all kinds of Hollywood type info.


    Bluemountain ** - THE place for e-greeting cards. They have tons on animated cards for every occasion.
    Egreetings - Full of thousands of free greeting cards just waiting to be sent.
    Warm Hands - Now part of Amazon, this site is full of nice cards.
    Postcards.Wattyco ** - Around since 1997, the main greeting cards are Don Quijote postcards. I made them and thats why I recommend them.


      The Perl Archive ** - Need some perl source code or perl modules? Here is the place to go.
      CGI-Resources * - The place to go for info on sing Perl for CGI purposes. It has tons of source code.
      Freecode - Has free perl source code along with other languages. Its as well done as the perl archive.
      CGI.pm * - For use with perl in the CGI since. It does all kinds of CGI stuff for you so that you don;t need to write the code for it.

      Dynamic Drive ** - They have lots and lots of DHTML code for you to grab.
      Planet Source Code ** - Yes, they have lots of Java code on top of the C++, ASP and VB code.
      Timothy's Javascript examples - This site has been a help when I needed some simple Javascript coding.
      Autoscripter - They have a bunch of Javascript code to look and learn.
      Webmonkey - This site is full of info for Javascript, Html, DHTML, images and all kinds of other webpage designing info.
    Visual Basic
      Planet Source Code ** - Has lots of great source code for VB, C++, Java, and ASP.
      VBCode * - Has lots of good VB source code to help you learn.
      VD City * - Great VB resource with source code and a full list of APIs
      Free VB Code - Another great site full of VB source code.
      Softuarium - Lots of great Activex Controls to use in your VB programs... image/mp3/zip compression.. they cost money though.
      VB Helper - Another VB help site.
      Mediachance ** - This is where you download the cheap and easy to use Multimedia Builder (MMB)
      MMB Forums * - Great place to talk to people and figure out how to do things.
      Tweak Plugin * - Awesome plugin for Multimedia builder which adds to the functionality of MMB.
      MMB Recommended Links - This has a list of MMB resource sites.

Search Engines/Indexes

    Google ** - An accurate search engine I use all the time (almost exclusively). A good thing about this one is its lack of banner ads.
    Infoseek - Now part of the GO network. I used to use it all the time, but it seems since becoming pert of Go.com, it has gone down the crapper.
    Yahoo * - Good if you want to find something under a specific topic. Its grew out of a web index into a huge amount of internet services.
    Altavista - Regular search engine. Its best point is its Babelfish page translator.
    Lycos - Just your basic search engine
    Excite - Another basic search engine
    Webcrawler - Crappy search engine
    HotBot - So, so search engine
    Dogpile - Does a metasearch of a bunch of search engines
    Deja News - Searches the newsgroups for ya.


    Price Watch ** - This is a meta-search. It has been more organized of late. The IE menu system is great!. The prices here tend to be a tad cheaper than at Shopper.com.
    Shopper.com * - Is a great metasearch of multiple stores to find computer items and electronics at the lowest prices.
    Buy.com ** -A very nice internet superstore that I frequent. It is my main source for DVDs. I also get computer parts at their clearence store for really cheap. They also sell Books, Software, Games, Golf Supplies and Travel Tickets.
    EggHead - They sell computer parts and electronics at reasonable prices. They used to have Free shipping.. but they started charging and I haven't shopped there since.
    Ebay * - This site can be extremely addicting. You can bid on a large range of items.
    Gemm * - This is much like Shopper.com but for Music, Books, and Videos. I've only tried it for Music, and it works extremely well.
    CDNow - They sell musci mainly. I don't purchase from them anymore, but I use them to look up albums and tracklistings.
    Amazon * - This another one of those internet superstores. The part I like most about this site is the user recommendations. They are very helpful when trying to decide to make a purchase.
    Barnes and Noble - I've never purchased andything from here, but I hear they have a huge number of books.
    x10 * - They sell cool gizmos like wireless audio/video, tiny cameras, and remote controls for your lights and appliances.
    Information Unlimited * - They sell all kinds of neat gizmos from little bug mics and pinhole cameras to actual laser guns.
    Sharper Image - This is a store that can also be found in the mall. They sell all kinds of gadgets.
    Half.com - Buy used stuff at Half price.
    Flooz * - Online Gift Certificates to be used at countless sites online. I've used it. It works very nice.

Software Archives

      Download.com ** - Awesome collection of Shareware/Demo/Freeware. It is the best organized of the Shareware archives.
      TuCows * - Great for finding Winsock software. I personally use it when I'm looking for servers or other internet apps.
      Dave Central * - This place has both windows and linux. This archive is actually the oly one that has an Adam Watkins program in it.
      Softseek - I usually use this one to see their app of the day.
      Jumbo - Just another archive. I haven't particularly used this one in a while.
      Freshmeat ** - This really is THE only site you need to go to for Linux apps. It has everything and is updated daily.
      Linuxberg * - This is a well organized Tucows site that I went to before Freshmeat.
      Davecentral : Linux - Another linux archive. I haven't used it much.

Voice Chatting Software

    ICQ ** - Okay, not specifically made for voice chat but it is THE one and only communication center for me. From here all other voice programs can be opened. Also, Hearme.com has an addon that actually makes icq do voice chat.
    Netmeeting * - A descent audio/video chatting program. And hey, its free.
    Internet Phone * - Awesome quality.. but it costs money and that just sucks!
    Hearme * - They allow you to put a voice chat program right into your webpage and into your icq homepage. Its half-duplex, but it makes your site really cool.
    Firetalk - Buddylist voice chat system and is major competitor to Hearme. Not as cool cause chat program doesn't embed right into the page.
    Phonefree - Free voice/video chat software. However, the software is a bit buggy to me.
    Visitalk - More like a voice chat community cause the chattign is actually done through external prgrams such as Netmeeting. Their software does handle internet voice messages though.

Voicemail/Other Telephone Stuff

      Ureach ** This is an utterly awesome service. They give you your own personal toll free number (no extension). People can call this number and leave a message that you can retrieve by phone or web, the call can go though to you home, cell phone, work phones. You can set it up to try each place. You can call you tool free number and put in your code and be able to make long distance phone calls. There is lots more. They give you 30 minutes free a month
      MyTalk ** They give you an extension of a toll free number. People can call you there and leave a message. You can retrieve messages though web or phone. There is no limit to the number of minutes spent on the phone. It is ad driven. You can call your number and make unlimited number of 2 minute long distance phone calls. Theyn have a bunch of other features.
      eVoice A not free anymore (used to be free) voicemail service. It is unique.. when you sign up it contacts your phone provider. Any call to your house that gets a busy signal or isn't answered gets directed to your eVoice voiemail. Very cool. You can also have a phone independant voicemail just like Mytalk.
      Onebox - Just a voicemail box that you can retrieve via web or phone. You get an extension of a TOLL number and you don't get to personalize your greeting. :(
      Think Link - More voicemail. Offer local and Toll-free numbers (no extension). Get 200 minutes on toll-free number monthly till June.. after that 10 cents a minute.. ewww. Will do call forwarding also. But costs extra (5 cents/minute).
      D3Box - Voicemail. Accessed via web or phone. Your own U.S. based phone number. For $4.95/month you get a bunch more features and an extension for a toll free number. Another $1.95/month and $.20/minute gets you your own personal toll-free number.
    Online Telephone Services
      Dialpad ** - The original free pc-to-phone service. It used to work well when it first came out, but now its so bogged down I can't make a clean call. Thats too bad.
      Net2Phone * - Pc-Phone calls at extremely cheap prices. Its, not free, but is really good quality.
      Phonefree - They have a PC-Phone service now, and as it sounds from their name, its free. I haven't tried it.
      Deltathree (iConnectHere) - So, they change their name and then they start charging for calls. Bummer. Its only $.01 / minute to call the U.S. though.